How To Celebrate Kankakee

Kankakee Day is a reminder to celebrate all things Kankakee. Let us not take for granted the many blessings our community bestows. #lovekankakee.

The River – the #1 one reason things in this area are named Kankakee, in both Illinois and Indiana, is for their relationship to the Kankakee River. Enjoy the river.

Heritage – the cultural history of this area is very rich and varied. Take an architectural tour. Visit a local museum: there is one in most Kankakee County towns. The libraries are also very good resources. Read up.

Shop Small – downtown Kankakee is full of businesses that help us thrive. Also, visit the rural towns. In every town, look for small shops and bistros along the main roads and in the malls. Their success is our success.

Civic Duty – the simplest way to stay involved in local community is membership. Subscribe to a local newspaper, newsletter, club, organization, group, church, school, team, etc. As a member of the community, vote. Also, volunteer. Many things only happen due to the efforts of dedicated volunteers. So be one.

Promenade – that means show off! Represent where you’re from, whether it’s Bradley, Bourbonnais, Manteno, Herscher, Momence, Aroma Park …Irwin, or Buckingham. Wear a t-shirt, cap, or hoodie. Sport some bumper stickers. Or just make a point to say it out loud sometime, “I Love Kankakee!” Do you wish people were more positive? Be the change you wish to see.