ABOUT Kankakee Area Community Connector was established in 2011 to build community in the Greater Kankakee area through public information, civic pride, and positivity initiatives under the brand name Happy Kankakee™. Its unincorporated association is comprised of freelancers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and volunteers who share their skills to plan projects for the purpose of uniting the community.

MISSION to unite the community through social connection initiatives that make public information common knowledge, boost civic pride, and promote a positive attitude.

VISION a regionally embraced culture (in the Greater Kankakee socio-economic area) of open information sharing and audacious hometown pride; to see the sense of community (social connectedness) thrive; so that more needs are met, more problems are solved, and more progress is made.

VALUES We value Collaboration, Integrity, Compassion, and Gratitude. Love and Happiness are found in the genuine pursuit of these.